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Privacy Policy

1.1 Legislation

We shall abide by all applicable country-specific data protection legislation regarding any of Your personal information gathered by Us.

1.2 Data Processing

You may be asked to enter information about Yourself on different pages of goBlips Site. However, We will not use that information in any other manner than the one expressed on the place where the request is made. Also, all User information collected is processed in the manner and with the limitations stated in Our "Privacy Policy".

1.3 Data Withdraw

You may request to withdraw Your personal information from Our marketing database. To do so, You (the owner of the project) must make a written request (from the email address used to register the project) to Our Customer Care department either using the link in Your goBlips Site, or by the Contact webpage in Our Website.

1.4 Changes in Personal Data

We strongly recommend the update of all personal information, since this data is used in Customer Care services.

1.5 Registration

In order to use Our services and products, You must have a valid registration to goBlips. This entitles to have a project in which You can have multiple goBlips Sites. To register, You must provide a valid email address, a password and other personal information. You are the sole responsible for the confidentiality of Your password and account. All activity originated from Your account and/or password is Your responsibility. We strongly suggest that You keep Your password and account information strictly confidential and do not share it with anyone. In case of unauthorized use of Your password and/or account, immediately notify goBlips in writing from email address used to register the project. To avoid misuse of Your account, ensure that You sign out from Your account at the end of each and every session.

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