Editing The Website Content

Last updated on Dec 01, 2020 14:54 in Getting Started
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Start Customizing Your Website! 

As simple as completing text forms and attaching photos or videos files, the content manager will help you to easily modify the content of your website. 

Once you have logged in, in the Dashboard area click the "Edit Site" button to Manage the Website content. It will take you to the content management platform, where you will find a vertical left menu with all the sections of your website. Through this menu, you can browse and edit the content of your website. On the right side of your screen, there is the preview website area where you can see content updates.

The first option in the menu is "Content", where you can customize: 

• Fonts 

• Header Section 

• Testimonials 

• Amenities 

• Events 

• Photo Gallery 

• Awards 

• Contact Information 

• Location 

• Social Networks 

You also have the Booking, Market and Business modules to manage the most dynamic content of the website. 

Note: with the exception of the Header, each module can be activated or deactivated; when deactivated, the section will no longer appear on the website. By default, all modules are active. 
** The time is base on America/New_York timezone